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Feather light Pre-preg engine frames- 450g base frame (engine) weight

High output electric engine systems - Can operate at high elevations.

  1. a)18 to 30 foot airships up to 30 lb (13.6 Kg) thrust

  2. b)12 to 18 foot airships up to 15 lb (6.8 Kg) thrust

Long flight times (5C to 6C rated)

Direct shaft drive for engine rotation  (titanium drive systems)

Hyper-fast Air brake system

Foamless membrane flight surfaces- No foam fins!

Direct drive control surfaces (shaft rotation of fins)

Steering assist for automatic integration with rudder

CAMERA Gimbals (3 axis control):

1000g or less Gimbal base frame weight

Gravity balanced air floating camera carriage. Roll stabilized

Gyro specific floating tilt lock.

Titanium and aluminum alloy integration with Carbon fiber Pre-preg frame

Collapsing frame for mobility and shipping

Dual sealed bearings on all rotation points

Performance Airship & Filming Systems Built Around the Camera and Acrobatic Entertainment:

The choice for clean, sharp and professionally created media that professional photographers/videographers demand the most.

Now you can fly a 5D Mark II ™or RED Scarlet™ using our gimbal with a base frame weight of LESS than 1000g. 

Contact: 435-513-1210